Level 5 Diploma
in Soft Tissue Therapy

The ISRM BTEC level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy (formerly Sports & Remedial massage), is one of the highest qualifications in the UK industry.

The course covers a wide variety of subjects including sports massage, joint assessments, muscle energy techniques, soft tissues release and neuromuscular therapy.

The diploma itself has evolved over the last 20 years to ensure that the students are receiving current and up to date information and has become the benchmark for quality training in the UK. It has been developed and is continually reviewed by working therapists who have a wealth of experience in treating soft tissue pain and dysfunction.

If you do not already hold a level 3 massage certificate or above, then you would need to attend one of our Introductory Massage weekends.


Course Content

This qualification is recognised nationally and in many other countries too. It enables therapists to practice independently as a professional Sport & Remedial massage therapist/ Soft Tissue therapist, and obtain professional indemnity insurance to practice. It also entitles you to become a full member of the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage ISRM, as well as other professional bodies. You can also register with CNHC (the government-backed regulatory body for Complementary Healthcare).


  • Pathology of injury

  • Acute and post acute conditions

  • Overuse syndrome

  • Common sports injuries

  • Contraindications

  • Injury scenarios


  • Frictions

  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET) PIR and RI

  • Soft Tissue Release (STR)

  • Positional Release – strain counter strain

  • Connective tissue massage

  • Trigger points


  • Foot and ankle

  • Knee

  • Hip

  • Shoulder

  • Spine


  • Exercise Physiology

  • Principles of rehabilitation  

  • Remedial exercise

Grow Your Confidence & Technical Ability

If you are looking for a sports massage course that will give you the confidence and technical ability to work alongside other health professionals or set up your own practice then this is the course for you. Whether your aim is to work with athletes in a sports setting or treating members of the public with soft tissue injuries, dysfunction or postural issues, then we are dedicated to helping you reach your goal.


During the course you will complete the following:

4 Home Study Assignments

The assignments are completed online at the ISRM at various stages of the course. They will be marked and moderated through the ISRM system. Once marked, you will receive a feedback form for each paper with comments from the marker alongside the mark you have achieved.

3 Case Studies

You will have three case studies to complete before the end of the course. These are to be performed outside of class hours and will be externally marked by the ISRM.

Treatment Log

You will be supplied with a log book to record you practice treatments which are to be completed outside of class hours. A minimum of 100 hours will need to be recorded to obtain your certificate.

Although there are allowances for students with difficulties such as dyslexia, or, if English is not their first language, all assignments will need to be completed in English.

Assessments and Support

Throughout the course you will complete four practical assessments and one theory paper.
These assessments are outlined below.

3 Formative Assessments

One practical assessment will be taken half way through the course and another two will be taken two thirds of the way through it. Your performance will be internally assessed by the tutors at the CSSM. The aim of the assessments is to ensure you have the confidence in the application of techniques and to guide you towards successfully completing the final practical assessment.

2 Summative Assessments

At the end of the course there will be:

  • One Theory Paper to complete which will be externally marked by the ISRM.

  • On the last day of the course there will be a two part practical assessment. This is internally assessed by the tutors at the CSSM as well as being externally verified by an ISRM examiner.

Student Support

As well as receiving written feedback for both your practical assessments and written assignments, there will always be someone at hand to answer any questions you have during the course via email or telephone. You will also have exclusive access to online video clips of the advanced techniques to support those which are delivered in the classroom.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

You must have a basic recognisable massage qualification OR have attended a CSSM introductory massage weekend.

Click here for information on our introductory massage course. Ideally have four GCSE’s and an A level or equivalent.

Ideally be actively involved in some form of exercise or sport.

Course Fees & Payment Plans

One-Off Payment


Pay for the course in full upfront.

Includes £600 non refundable deposit due upon enrolment. To be paid not later than 4 weeks prior to the start date. 

12 Month Payment Plan


Paid over 12 monthly instalments

Excludes £600 non refundable deposit due upon enrolment. This plan includes an administrative fee.

15 Month Payment Plan


Paid over 15 monthly instalments.

Excludes £600 non refundable deposit due upon enrolment. This plan includes an administrative fee.

Fees include BTEC registration, One year’s student membership to the ISRM, certification and exam fees. Students will also have exclusive access to our library of video clips which support the advanced techniques delivered during the course. A CSSM polo shirt will also be included.

Cancellation policy

Please see Terms & Conditions for our cancellation policy.


Course Dates & Codes

Course Duration

As there is a considerable amount to learn during the course it is understandable that you will need time to develop your skills as well as having time to complete your 100 hours of treatments, we do not believe that there is a ‘fast track’ way of delivering this course effectively. The course will be run over 12 weekends taking around 12 months to complete.

Class times are, Saturday 9.30am – 5pm, Sunday 9.30am – 4.30pm.

April 2022 Diploma (CSSM-15) Dates

  • April 9th/10th

  • May 14th/15th 

  • June 11th/12th

  • July 16th /17th

  • Sept 10th/11th 

  • Oct 8th/9th 

  • Nov 5th/6th

  • Dec 3rd/4th

  • Jan 7th/8th (2023)

  • Feb 4th/5th

  • March 4th/5th

  • April 1st/2nd

Sept 2022 Diploma (CSSM-16) Dates TBC

  • Sept 24th/25th

  • Oct 22nd/23rd

  • Nov 12th/13th

  • Dec 10th/11th

  • Jan 21st/22nd (2023)

  • Feb 18th/19th

  • March 18th/19th

  • April 15th/16th

  • May 6th/7th

  • June 3rd/4th

  • July 1st/2nd

  • July 15th/16th



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